“As I hit my mid-40’s my weight had been climbing for several years. I had gone to various Chain-gyms, but never had a focused, goal-orientated system to get healthy. I had used a trainer once before, but while he gave me exercises to do, we didn’t come up with any long-term lifestyle changes for me. My weight gain had caused me to develop a severe case of sleep apnea and I was given a CPAP machine. While it helped, I wanted to get off of it. The only option for that was to have surgery and the ENT stated I needed to get myself to a healthy weight in order to get the surgery.

I met Shawn at another facility and followed him when he opened the first Strive location in Brookfield. Coming up with short, medium and long term goals, as well as talking in-depth about nutrition, my weight loss started and progressed better than it has under any other circumstance. I embraced the class/personal training philosophy of Strive and made so many wonderful friends there. I was the second member of the month and Shawn came up with the “Filthy Fifty” theme for my 50th birthday (Shawn also nailed me with a pie in the face while I was doing a plank)!

I attend at least 5 classes a week and run 3-5 times a week. I’ve completed two half marathons and my first ever full 26.2 mile marathon. I’ll be running my second marathon this coming May 9th! I enjoy the innovative challenges, classes and special events. I’ve had several friends compliment me on my progress and even had a few say I’ve motivated them to change their lifestyles. Most importantly I’ve found the best workout partner a guy could have in Jennifer and look forward to our daily workouts and spending time together. My fitness journey isn’t over, and it won’t be. I can’t wait to see where it takes me next. Thank you Shawn, Victoria and all of the wonderful instructors who have made a difference in my life.” – Rob F.

post2 “Started Team Shawn BootCamp 4 years ago in 2013 and has accomplished many goals, made a complete lifestyle change, and has lost nearly 90lbs! She would be the first to tell you this process will be “slowly but surely” and as she keeps becoming healthier she no longer sees herself ever going back because of the support she has from her team at Strive. She has changed for the better and realized you are who you surround yourself with. To this day Sondra is now by far one of our strongest members we have and her encouragement to help others is amazing!”
– Sondra W

post2 “I started at Strive March 2017 with a 30-day boot camp pass and fell in love. I went ahead and started an unlimited membership and haven’t regretted it. I started with the Detox, a tough 3 days but a great start to my new healthy journey. In April I completed the Ultimate Boot camp and that wall challenged me in every way, but with help from my fellow strive members I was able to go over it. In May I participated in the Mother’s Day 5k. A wonderful even where everyone cheered each other on to get to the finish. This month I completed the Class Marathon, 6 classes in 3+ hours. It was amazing. I conquered the wall all by myself this time. There was a great feeling of accomplishment getting over that hurdle. I feel stronger, more energized, and better than ever. Thanks to Strive and the instructors. Shawn for pushing me and believing in me even when I don’t. I cannot express the amount of appreciation and happiness that I feel towards Strive. Since starting my journey here I have lost over 20lbs, gained strength, endurance and confidence. However, most importantly I gained a team of dedicated people and instructors that push me to do my best and not give up. Can’t wait to reach more goals and complete things I couldn’t with my team at STRIVE.”
– Vanesa D.

post2 “The past two years I’ve been struggling with depression. I quit smoking which was a great thing, but that added on the weight also . I tried different options nothing was making things any better. For years I would start going to the gym. But I would get bored it wasn’t doing it for me. I would try over and over wasting money. Finally I took up a free class. I saw all these people results and I was amazed . I loved it !!! I signed up I only start with a few days a week .. I went out to Arizona for my birthday I came back and I was ready. I signed up for unlimited classes and the weight starting coming off and my body just started feeling amazing. I walk feeling comfortable in my clothes in my steps . I put on a pair of jeans and don’t struggle for a half hour with all my body issues . I’ve met So many awesome people in these class and there all so motivated. I am only at the beginning of my journey . I want to motivate others to feel good about themselves and know it can be done just takes work and believing in it and believing in yourself. It’s never too late . we all have issues and struggles. thank you guys for making me want to succeed AND BE HAPPY AGAIN !!!!!!!!”
– Sheena B.

post2 “I’ve been with Strive since June 15 2019 and I don’t know how many classes in total I’ve been to. In 3 years I see myself having that JLo body I’ve been wanting since I started Strive. I want to be thin but fit & muscular. My goal is to pass the CPD Power Test when I get called for it since I already passed the written test. All the photos on the LEFT are from around the time when I started, and the photos on the right are 1-2 months old. Thank you!”

post2 “I’ve taken more than 100 classes and do personal training with Michaelangelo B Kelsey since I’ve started at Strive. I started 5 months ago in September 2019 and I’ve lost 75lbs since then. My goals are to continue losing weight, become more fit and continue to maintain this lifestyle I’ve created with the help of everyone at Strive. As a healthcare provider I feel like I’m finally practicing what I preach.”
– Luis Maldonado

post2 “It will be 2 years in March that I’ve been at Strive and it has been the best decision and investment in myself that I’ve made. I have probably taken over 150 classes there and not one of them have been exactly the same.

Up until 2 years ago, I didn’t realize how unhealthy I had gotten after my second pregnancy. I got too comfortable with my body and the way I was eating and kind of put it in the back burner.

I would go to the gym and pretend I knew what I was doing, but in reality it wasn’t what my body needed. Strive has not only changed how I look, but also pushed my body/mind to the limits, because of the encouragement and the energy that Strive brings, I ran my first Half Marathon in July, which is something that I am proud of. My goal is to continue pushing myself and continue working on myself in and out of the gym.“ – Stephanie Rivera

post2 “Almost 3 years and 388 classes later! Hard work, consistency, and listening to Shawns Groll and all the instructors at Strive truly has changed my life. I moved here from Minnesota and found it difficult to meet and make new friends here. Strive made me feel welcome and comfortable from day one. Strive truly is like extended family. I’m hoping to run my first half marathon and maybe even a full in the future. Thank you to everyone at Strive who encourages and inspires me everyday to do more!”– Cindy Spolarich

“ I have completed 194 classes….195 after today’s evening class!
May will be 2 years since I have been at Strive.
In 3 years I am hoping to be lifting heavier and be stronger both physically and mentally! Last year I ran 2 5K’s, second race, I beat my first time by 6 min! My goal this year is to continue running more and build myself up to run longer races!
My weight and eating habits have always been an issue for me. I always used my “busy mom schedule” as an excuse not to get out of my comfort zone. I figured joining a regular gym would be ok, but the motivation was never there. One class at Strive was all I needed to know that what Strive offers was exactly what I needed. Now I am also bringing my son to do the Kids Camp, best thing I can do for my children is lead by example. With the support of my family, fellow Strive Warriors, and Strive Instructors, I know I will reach my goals!


Lourdes Ledezma

“One year ago I joined Strive4Fitness at a morbid 260lbs. I set out to really make a change in my life. Having been in and out of gyms for years before, I lacked so many things that I needed to improve my lifestyle (i.e. nutrition, personal attention, motivation, fitness education, dynamic workouts, etc). Without the proper tools, I was unsuccessful in bettering my body.

Over the past year, I’ve worked closely with all the trainers at Strive to learn more about how to approach weight loss and fitness more effectively than I ever had before. The results speak for themselves having lost 30+lbs since I joined, and I feel awesome thanks to what feels like an extended family in Strive and all the members I’ve interacted with. Feel free to ask me about my journey, but better yet, come see for yourself!”

– Joe Torres

“March 16, 2019 I saw a post and Vanesa Diaz was tag, it was a (gym) Strive4Fitness promotion to sign up for personal training with Vanesa with out asking many questions I decided to call and sign up. All I knew is that I need it to lose weight. Is been a very challenging journey , I hurt my knee and I was ready to give up but, thanks to Vanesa I didn’t she made adjustment to my workout and as you could see the rest is history 😂😂 thank you Vanesa, Shawn and Victoria and all the strive family!!! More to come after all this virus is over 🏋️‍♀️💪🏃‍♀️🥰

– Ana Echeverria

“I joined Strive back in December not knowing what to expect. I was nervous because I was out of shape and it’s been a long time since I actually worked out consistently. I was ready mentally, but not physically. As soon as I walked in, Shawn and the Strive Family welcomed me with open arms. I felt like I’ve been a part of their family from the beginning. I wasn’t judged about my looks or past but encouraged with lots of patience and love. I had times where I had to deal with a plethora of things, but not once did I feel like I was looked down upon. I felt great during every PT and class I took and forgot about everything happening around me. I might have come in exhausted, but always left invigorated. I partook in a challenge and surprised myself with my improvements and accomplishments. THANK YOU STRIVE FAMILY!

– Fred K


Destiny Lopez

Vanesa Diaz

Denise Mcaleer

Nancy Andino

Rob Frick

Salvador Simental & Mariel Garcia




Strive 4 Fitness member holding trophy
Strive 4 Fitness member holding trophy
Strive 4 Fitness member holding trophy

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