Strive 4 Fitness lives by the for 4 components to living a healthier life.

  • Exercise
  • Cardio

  • Nutrition

  • Sleep

Our Training programs are led by people who come from all fitness levels and have their own success stories. We personalize all the programs to deliver maximum results to fit your individual fitness goals and fitness levels. Whether you are a beginner, haven’t worked out in years, or an elite athlete, our professional coaches will help you Strive 4 ___________!         “What are you Striving 4?”

At Strive your 1st class is FREE! We want everyone to experience the energy we bring to each class, the team we have created, and the amazing atmosphere we have to offer. For those individuals who are looking for more guidance, Strive 4 Fitness also offers personal training.
At Strive we are more than just classes, we offer events year round such as: Ultimate Boot Camp, Class Marathons, and 5K/10K’s. Not only do we have 3 amazing locations, but when the weather breaks, we take our classes outside!




I’ve had a passion in fitness for over a decade. After losing weight I took fitness to another level and Strived for a healthy lifestyle. I practice what I preach and you’ll see how I can cater to everyone’s individual needs.

My Long term goal is to change people and lead them into a healthier life. Short term goals is to have people break old habits, change their mind, and most importantly focus on themselves. #StriveStrong

I have lost over 45lbs & 10% body fat since 2012. I made a lifestyle change and have helped many others do the same. My passion for fitness will show you I’m not here just for giggles but to coach you on how to Strive 4 Fitness!

Outside of Strive I participate in runs, obstacle races, and any that is going to challenge me mentally and physically. I have also completed a 15 hour GoRuck challenge! #BeastMode

My name is Sheena for years I’ve tried to workout for years  I always started then I got bored I figured out going to the gym by myself wasn’t fun for me. I finally gave bootcamp a chance. And it kicked my ass.

I was at such i bad point in my life I gained all this weight my relationship was terrible i needed to start all over . So I did. I went in full force and I haven’t looked back I’ve been here a year in March. I finally found a passion. And then I got asked if I was to teach. I was so shocked . Me teach? I really didn’t think I had that in me. They saw something! This year has been so life changing.  I’m teaching PiyoX I wasn’t  sure at first now I love it cause I made it my own. I work on core,strength, and balancing we need all this. I love it now I started kickboxing and PiyoX My favorite so far! Cardio I love when people tell me there sore the next day!! You need  to work the whole body. I want to go continue down this road learn as much I can bout the body and how to live a healthy lifestyle. I want to make people feel good about themselves don’t ever give up! There hope I found it here such a great group of people and there drive is amazing.

I strive to help clients achieve a balance lifestyle that encompasses both exercise and nutrition. I am an ACE Certified Trainer who specializes in Sports Conditioning, and pilates/dance formats.

Historically, I have always grown up being active. From the age of 3 I started in ballet and continued dancing for 22 years. Alongside dance I was also active in gymnastics, school sports, and Poms. During my college years I hit a bump in the road gained nearly 40lbs and I was sick all the time. I found my inner motivation and started exploring all types of exercise classes just to keep myself moving. Within 2 years I lost those 40lbs and have kept them off through a combination of healthy eating and consistent exercise over the last 10 years even through having a child.  Anyone can decide to make a lifestyle switch, it’s never too late to start. Let me help you bring out your very best version of you.

Carlos Flores is a martial arts instructor, practitioner, and stick fighter. He has a background in Tae Kwon Do, Jeet Kune Do, Dog Brothers Martial Arts and various other styles/systems he has dabbled in. He has close to 20yrs of martial arts experience.

In Tae Kwon Do he holds a 2nd degree black belt, is an instructor under Sifu Roy Harris in HIJKD, and is a Full Dog Brother under Punong Guro Marc “Crafty Dog” Denny. Under the Dog Brothers, Carlos earned the name Maul Dog, and has over 30 official Dog Brother Gathering stick/weapon fights. He also runs a training group for the organization.

Carlos is motivated to share his knowledge with others, as well as learn from them. He considers himself a student first. His personal mantra is, “I’m better than I was yesterday, but not as good as I will be tomorrow.” WOOF!


I’ve been with Strive for almost a year. I started out as a member and after I got my certification as a group fitness instructor, I was hired at Strive. I teach 5 different classes. Right now the classes I teach are: Gutz ‘ N Buttz, TRX, 9 Round Strong, Gutz ‘ N Glory and Core Strong.

My specialties here at Strive are: group fitness, circuits, and meditation/relaxation. Whenever I can, I love to take other classes at Strive that are taught by our fantastic instructors. It means a lot to me to motivate people to become active and to reach their fitness goals. Some other things I like to do for fun are 5k runs, Shawn’s Boot Camp, the stairs at Swallow Cliff and doing Savage Race. There are always so many fun fitness activities to participate in at Strive.

My name I Amber and I teach yoga sculpt at Strive 4 fitness! Yoga sculpt is a 60 minute vinyasa flow and weight lifting combo that can be perfect for any fitness level!

My love for yoga started 3 years ago after my third child when I was diagnosed with post partum depression. What helped most with treating that for me was exercise, eating right and finding a place that was positive. Strive 4 fitness has given me a great platform to share my passion for yoga sculpt and positive energy! Please join me for a class anytime! I promise you won’t regret it!


My name is Vanesa, I started as a member at Strive Feb 2017. I am down 70+ lbs, +11% body fat.

As I continue my fitness journey, I was given to opportunity to become an instructor. I look forward to working out and motivating everyone. All you have to do is walk through that door. Its possible, if I can do it, so can you!


“CHANGE YOUR MINDSET and YOUR life will shift into a better place.” I specialize in weight loss, muscle toning and also muscle mass programming here at Strive 4 fitness.

My mission is to bring happiness, motivate and help others reach their goals. I have always been told to do what I love. And I believe I am doing just that. I strongly believe that in order to be a better person in life you must help others. So that is what I live by. Strive Strong!

You Have to Want It

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