Strive lives by the for 4 components to living a healthier life.

  • Exercise/Cardio

  • Mental Health

  • Nutrition

  • Sleep

Our Training programs are led by people who come from all fitness levels and have their own success stories. We personalize all the programs to deliver maximum results to fit your individual fitness goals and fitness levels. Whether you are a beginner, haven’t worked out in years, or an elite athlete, our professional coaches will help you Strive!”

At Strive your 1st class is FREE! We want everyone to experience the energy we bring to each class, the team we have created, and the amazing atmosphere we have to offer. For those individuals who are looking for more guidance, Strive also offers personal training.
At Strive we are more than just classes, we offer events year round such as: Ultimate Boot Camp, Class Marathons, and 5K/10K’s. Not only do we have three amazing locations, but when the weather breaks, we take our classes outside! We also now have our unique and innovative outdoor fitness center at Memorial Park in Lagrange Park.



We started strive in 2016 and since then myself and my team of coaches helped change and transform many individuals from weight loss, to mental health and a complete lifestyle change. I have been in fitness for over a dozen years and truly care about each individual that walks in the door. Who’s next?

My Long term goal is to change people and lead them into a healthier life. Short term goals is to have people break old habits, change their mind, and most importantly focus on themselves. #StriveStrong

I have lost over 45lbs & 10% body fat since 2012. I made a lifestyle change and have helped many others do the same. My passion for fitness will show you I’m not here just for giggles but to coach you on how to Strive!

Outside of Strive I participate in runs, obstacle races, and any that is going to challenge me mentally and physically. I have also completed a 15 hour GoRuck challenge! #BeastMode
BeidyCoach/Strive Xperience Manager - part time

I have worked out since I was a teenager but never took it seriously or had the guidance to make a real, long-lasting, and sustainable change…that is until I joined Strive in 2018. 

Along with classes and personal training I have lost over 80 lbs and am the healthiest I have ever been.  The knowledge and support I gained from all the Strive members and instructors inspired me to obtain my certification and I now help others achieve their goals as well.  I have also completed numerous running events including two full marathons, numerous events at Strive, ruck events, and other obstacle events.   I am a nurse, a mom of two boys, and now also a coach at Strive and look forward to helping others live a healthier lifestyle  by incorporating a balance of exercise, nutrition, and mental wellbeing.

MikeCoach/Personal Training Director - full time

I’m Mike Kelsey. I started my personal training career back in 2014. My love for fitness and helping others led me to it. I specialize in muscle gain, body recomposition and weight loss.  

My mission is to give out valuable information and proper training/healthy habits that will stay with my clients forever. 

CarlosCoach - Part Time

Carlos Flores is a martial arts instructor, practitioner, and stick fighter. He has a background in Tae Kwon Do, Jeet Kune Do, Dog Brothers Martial Arts and various other styles/systems he has dabbled in. He has close to 20yrs of martial arts experience.

In Tae Kwon Do he holds a 2nd degree black belt, is an instructor under Sifu Roy Harris in HIJKD, and is a Full Dog Brother under Punong Guro Marc “Crafty Dog” Denny. Under the Dog Brothers, Carlos earned the name Maul Dog, and has over 30 official Dog Brother Gathering stick/weapon fights. He also runs a training group for the organization.

Carlos is motivated to share his knowledge with others, as well as learn from them. He considers himself a student first. His personal mantra is, “I’m better than I was yesterday, but not as good as I will be tomorrow.” WOOF!

PeggyCoach - part time

I have been active in fitness for many years, teaching indoor cycling since 2001 and yoga since 2017. My cycling certification is with Schwinn. I began doing yoga in 2005 during a particularly challenging time in my life and it was so therapeutic.

I obtained my yoga training with Judi Harvin at FocusOm, completing a 200 hour teacher training in 2017. The most important thing to me in fitness is proper form. No matter the exercise, proper form will create a strong foundation and minimize injury. This is what I teach. In cycling it starts with proper bike fit for each student. In yoga, my motto for teaching is ‘it’s not about the pose’, rather it is about the blending of mind, body, spirit and loving yourself. I love the challenge, variety and intensity of Strive and look forward to teaching here.

MarielCoach - part time

It’s been 3 years since I decided to walk in the door at Strive and it has been life changing. I finally found a place I can be comfortable and a place that keeps me engaged by offering a huge variety of workouts and continually evolving/changing it up.

I came in the door so unhappy at 39% body fat, overweight, and frustrated with all my yo-yo diets. I fell in love immediately with my Strive Fit Fam! The support and positive vibes at Strive made me embrace the fitness lifestyle. Personal training with Shawn Groll helped shape me physically and mentally. I am now 27% body fat, a certified NASM instructor and I work at Strive! Make that leap, try your first free class, and never look back. Strive changes lives everyday.

Jesus Garcia
Jesus GarciaCoach - full time
“Big journeys begin with small steps” 
I was always on and off when it came to working out until I found Strive. Now It’s a lifestyle, I went from being a member to a trainer. I’ve done marathons, rucks, ultimate bootcamps you name it! A few years ago I decided I want to give back and make a difference wherever I go, I want to help people achieve their goals!
As a class instructor I focus on higher reps and high intensity for getting that tone and shedding that fat. As a personal trainer my focus is my client’s goals, I have experience with muscle toning, fat burning, and putting on mass. 
Overall, exercise is not just about physical health but mental health as well it’s good for the heart and soul and that’s something that I preach with all my clients. 
Colleen Ryan
Colleen RyanCoach - part time

Hey Guys!!! Your newest Coach here, name is Colleen Ryan, most people call me Coll, my closest friends call me CMFR, my fiancé calls me Cupcake, and now my new favorite nickname Coach!! I have been Boxing for many years but recently really fell in love with Fitness as a Lifestyle. If you knew me before 2020 you would not even recognize me now!

 I have lost over 100 pounds and have worked really hard to maintain that loss. I continue to tone up by working with the amazing trainers here at Strive. I spent a lot of time over the last 18 months working one on one with Strive trainers to further develop my boxing technique and skills. Now, I’m ready to share everything I have learned with all of You as your newest Strive Trainer! I truly love this Gym and believe in the Gym and I pledge to give all of you my 110% every single time I step in that Gym whether I’m participating in Class or Coaching it! Thank you for this Opportunity! 💚💙 Coach Coll
Kim Hale
Kim HaleCoach - part time

I’m Kim Hale an ACE Certified Fitness Trainer and Fitness Nutrition Specialist with additional certifications in barre, sports conditioning, and corrective exercise. From a young age I have always been active. I have spent over 25 years as a classically trained ballerina and 8 years as a gymnast – balance, agility and core strength are my jam.

My passion lies in being able to use my skills in exercise and nutrition to help others become the best version of themselves for themselves. I thrive off of seeing my clients grow and change, see progress and ultimately hit their goals. That alone is so rewarding.

“You are unique and if that is not fulfilled something is lost,” Martha Graham.

You Have to Want It

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