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Unleash your inner BEASTMODE

If you are looking for a new fitness studio or bored of the big box, stop in Strive today! 
Strive has been open since 2016 with access to multiple locations, family owned and filled with passionate people who care. 
Over the years we have helped improved the lives of over a thousand people! We have had an incredible experience with seeing individuals change their lives, hit their goals, stay accountable, reduce or rid of medications and made fitness a lifestyle. 
We are down to earth and tell it how it is. We want you to “embrace the suck”. Strives 4 components to a healthier lifestyle is: weights/cardio, sleep, nutrition & mental health. 
Strive believes in whole health and in one of the most unprecedented times we opened a sister company called, Level Up Cafe & Recovery to fulfill not only our fit fam needs but anyone in the community. We have 17 employees in both Strive & Level Up. 
We are always finding ways to better ourselves, our members experience and improve not only our members health but our own. Our coaches have great stories and amazing backgrounds. Strive has 13 individuals who have our logo tattooed on them. We show recognition with crystal plaque lifestyle awards which we have over 17 individuals who EARNED them. 
Strive hosts events: runs, class marathons, spin-offs, 6 week challenges and much more! Those who participate further succeed in their journey without any chance of “boredom”. Changing your mindset to make you believe in yourself is our recipe for success. 
Owners: Shawn & Victoria Groll have 2 young children named: Onyx & Kalyx ages 3&1. We can relate to the hectic lifestyle many of us face but having a strong support system and trying our best to lead by example is something we truly believe in. 

Sister company of Strive!

Level Up Café and Recovery

Now open, come visit us! Open to the public and located directly next door to Strive Lagrange Park at 716 E. 31st street Lagrange Park, IL 60526

Strive LYONS, IL coming soon!

7,100 square feet!


Strive’s drive to help people achieve healthier lives and find a love for fitness lead to a partnership with the Community Park District of Lagrange Park to develop a state-of-the-art outdoor fitness court.  The outdoor fitness court is part of the National Fitness Campaign and is the nation’s most innovative, outdoor gym.  The outdoor fitness court focuses on 7 body weight movements that include core, squat, push, lunge, pull, bend, and agility.  Strive holds classes at the outdoor fitness center and is free for the public to use when Strive classes are not scheduled.


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